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We are excited to bring this online forum to parents who have been or are preparing to homeschool their child. We will discuss the importance of centering education around the Black child, unity, village building, and empowering ourselves to empower the next generation. Additionally, parents will have an opportunity to meet and connect with other parents to have thoughtful discussions, ask poignant questions and share wisdom with each other. We will all walk away from this event with a lot to consider as we challenge the norms and work together to grow a better culture of education for our young scholars.

The History of Our Greatness

The history of the African Diaspora is as vast as the continent itself. For far too long, our greatness has been bound by systems meant to mute our truth and the truth of our ancestors. It is paramount, now more than ever, that we begin to unfold these stories from our past, together.  These stories tell of our brilliance, our resilience, our wisdom and our ancestors.  RBG Academy invites you to journey with us as we explore our immense contribution to the globe.


Their legacy begins at home.

As your child grows, the imprint of identity that will be left in his/her heart is guided by you. Their sense of self will develop with your thoughtful hand leading them toward positive images of their culture, history and identity. RBG Academy is unique in that it provides a community where our students and parents can learn , without apology, of the people in the African diaspora and their multitude of contributions to civilization and the effects that are still being felt and created today.

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The Village Experience

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Learn About Our Favorite Program:
The Village Experience

RBG Academy’s The Village Experience is an engaging bundle of classes which were developed to meet the enrichment needs of students of all ages.  In this 24-week experience, students will enjoy a package of 5 classes in History, Science, Finance, Language Arts, and Mathematical Exploration.  Each class is replete with knowledge that is uniquely and truly relevant to the parents and children of the African Diaspora.

In addition, The Village Experience is focused on building a nurturing and supportive community of African descended homeschoolers and their parents. In this way, our students learn the importance of having, developing and enriching our communities during their lifelong journey.

Our revolutionary program is designed to meet the needs of students from K-12 at age/ability appropriate levels. This makes it the perfect fit regardless of whether you are a traditional homeschooler, an unschooler, have an eclectic approach or are a veteran or newbie.


This year, we will learn about the original civilizations that emerged from the beautifully rich continent of Africa.  Our class will explore these nations with a distinct approach that is set-apart from any other history class. Together, the students will learn to fully understand who our ancestors were and the tremendous contributions that they made to civilization.  This session incorporates the geography of Mother Africa and the complexities of her many cultures, past and present. It is sure to capture and motivate younger and older children alike, as they discover alongside their parents while receiving nuggets of wisdom along the way.  This class seeks to not merely impart history with a series of dates and timelines; the goal is to take the child from information to identity.


During the mathematics session, we connect our rich heritage with math and number sense while exploring the same mathematical concepts mastered by our ancestors.  We get to see the wonderful balance of our culture as it is infused with calculations, numeric assessments and logical processing. This will help the student develop a love for the subject matter as they begin to see themselves as part of the entire history of math.

Language Arts

In our language arts component, students will gain an understanding and a working knowledge reasoning and logic, as we explore these concepts in community. Students will learn and hone their reasoning skills as they process analogies, argument and fallacies.  In the latter portion of the 24-weeks, students will begin to apply what they’ve learned through group and individual projects.


This year, we are encouraging money management as we explore the ins and outs of personal finance.  Students will further develop skills that will last a lifetime as they learn to define, discover and practice healthy financial habits.  We will encourage discipline and planning in our unique program. Our goal is to help our students begin a journey to establishing financial fortitude and critical thinking that will not only impact their future families, but will enrich and support our own communities. The students will culminate the year by sharing what they’ve learned during our program. While we aim to celebrate their knowledge and hard work in person, we recognize that COVID-19 will severely impact the year-end culmination event.  We will have more insight as the year progresses.


This year, students will unlock the mysteries of anatomy and biology.  Our students will be immersed into these interdisciplinary field of science as they are challenged to learn about the human body and biological sciences. Students will draw and memorize systems in the body and as always, content will remain realistic, but age appropriate for each of our three student levels (Red (K-2nd-ish), Black (3rd-7th-ish, and Green (8th-12th).  The RBG Academy approach accommodates the littlest learners and is rich and hearty enough to satisfy the a-g requirements for our high school scholars.