COVID-19 and Temporary Changes

For Fall 2020

Greetings Family, 

As you all know, the entire world has had to make considerable changes due to COVID-19. Federal, state, local, and insurance guidelines make it nearly impossible to meet in the same way we have come to know and enjoy. A large part of the RBG Academy – The Village Experience program is the in-person community. Therefore, these parameters affect our existing three campuses greatly. This also impacts the prospective satellite communities as they would also have to abide by their own state, local and insurance guidelines to open. 

To clean and disinfect, do temperature checks, create appropriately distanced seating arrangements for students, parents and little siblings and even monitor parking distances and bathroom visits according to the standards set forth by both our insurance company’s policy and the policy of the facilities we lease are beyond our scope at this time.

The Great News

The great news is that RBG Academy has been accommodating students on-line for years. We are very used to online platforms that support our needs.  We will, however, have to shift our programs a bit to accommodate our existing students and new families registering for this fall.  Here is what that means:

  • Returning RBG Academy families will be enrolling into The Village Experience program. This includes the History, Math Exploration, Language Arts, Finance and Science sessions. We will meet online for this season or until COVID regulations permit an alternative.  Our hope is that soon, we will be able to return to our in-person community meetings. We will have to evaluate on a “wait and see” basis as we get closer to 2021.
  • New families who wish to enroll this fall can enroll in our 12-week history only option. This way, families can still experience our program in a portion that is manageable online.  Additionally, prospective RBG Satellites can also gain an understanding of the passion and intention behind what we do.  We are excited to share this opportunity with you.
  • For families with older students (ages 14 and up), we will be offering a separate program that will consist of two online components.  The first, of course, is a 12-week history session that explores our story with more depth and analysis. Secondly, this session will include a two-book study (historical fiction and a contemporary historical analyses). Students will discuss and challenge ideas while developing their knowledge base along with their individual voices.  We urge parents to participate as well.

We hope these changes remain temporary and we certainly appreciate the flexibility of our students, parents and their families.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (562) 726-2763 or via email: