“If we don’t know who we are, then we are whomever someone tells us we are.”

Dr. Amos Wilson

We are better together.

Our ancestors set an exceptional precedent for our children to follow. Unfortunately, this fact is often diminished in mainstream textbooks across every discipline. In 2016, RBG Academy was established to combat the effects of a lack of self-knowledge.

One of the essential tenets held at RBG Academy is community. Therefore, we have curated a safe space where Black children can learn the true story of their heritage unapologetically. Parents (and even grandparents and great-grandparents) are always in attendance to support and offer their perspectives and experiences during discussion times. We have made a few adjustments due to COVID-19, but our community stays shining!

Our Approach

The popular belief is that a solid educational foundation must have roots in solid classical Eurocentric instruction. While this method has served the descendants of European cultures well, the notion has left a gaping hole with questions unanswered for the children of the African Diaspora. As it is, when we push our children into Euro-focused education, they receive a perspective that glosses over their heritage. This perspective creates a tainted and blurred portrait of history with an arid portrayal of Africa and other civilizations. Sadly, from this angle, our ancestors are presented as an enslaved people or wild savages in need of civilizing. Yet, with achievements in math, science, astronomy, art, architecture, literature, military strategy and many other areas predating ancient Rome or Greece, our ancestors were the originators of civilization and culture. We point our children to an accurate image of genius, royalty, a highly developed culture and a distinguished people (ask Herodotus). That is the African heritage our children will come to know together unapologetically.

Photo Credit: Runoko Rashidi